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Spirit l'étalon des plaines tab

Tablature de la chanson « Spirit l’étalon des plaines (ma place est ici) » de Bryan Adams.



Intro : A

    A	     E		D	 A
J'entends le vent, j'entends le ciel
   A	    C#m	     D		A
Et comme un cri, la brise m'appelle
    D		A	 F#m	    D
La rivière, le soleil me parlent aussi
      A		  Bm	      E
Et je sais que ma place est ici

D	    A
Le ciel à l'infini
  F#m	        C#m
Embrasse l'univers,
D	      A
Les clefs du paradis
      Bm	   E
Sont ici, sur mes terres

    D		   A
La lune sur les montagnes
    F#m		     A
Le vent dans les branches
   D		A
Le torrent déchaîné
	   D		E
On ne nous séparera jamais

	   D	     A
Le chant de la prairie
	F#m	   A
Suffit à mon bonheur
   D		   A
Et si la vie nous unit
     F#m	   E
Nous vaincrons la peur

D   A   F#m   A
D   A   D     A

      D		 A
Si je m'éloigne parfois
   F#m		D
Je n'ai qu'une loi
D	    A
Oh, oui toujours
     F#m	E
Je reviendrais toujours
Vers toi

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  • Somsak :

    Hi Kimmy,Wow what an amazing daugther you have. Me and Pete were faced with the same situation as you and Rick. Yet somehow having her saved our lives, she was a true joy growing up except for when she turned three LOL! Christa did everything right, got married first, got a house and then planned for her first child. Not like me at all!! When my Mother was dying in the nursing home she always visited her grandmother although it was sometimes upsetting to see her suffering, My Mom was so excited about her having a baby, her first great grandchild that we knew was a girl. Brianna was born in October of 2007 and my mom got to meet her before she passed away in January of 2008. I will never get over how much joy she gave her grandmother in her last days. I am sure Alyssa will continue to do that for you and Rick and your Mom. I think you should give yourself alot of credit, your kind heart has been passed on to her. Thanks for sharing, you should be proud.Love and Light,Janet :)

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