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Germaine tab

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  • Diana :

    ry,its kinda messy when those « pork » awards were anuncnoed.. needless to say the swimsuit part where 5 gals came to front at one time la~maindland china production is ALWAYS messy!robocon,馬賽去國際小姐都ok慘不忍睹架.. 劉倩婷個wardrobe非常唔掂 so far見佢著d衫都好恐~我都會速報下世姐架啦.. 等等啦~

  • Ashish :

    I like how you I like how you transformed Jeff Dunham siayng I know Japanese: Toyota, Mitsubishi. I know Chinese: low mein, Kung pow. I loved the interruption at the end at 2:03. I can tell you put a little more effort into the background moving, the coffee liquid, ect.Most of all I love how you brought back the Amittyvile toaster. Over all I would give you a 9/10.The only thing I would advise, is a higher brow material and the earings on Germain’s head I can’t tell if there are two or three earings? Was this answer helpful?

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