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J'ai la vie qui m'pique les yeux tab

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  • Shagow :

    tim, i agree with you and thought his siotatiun was both sad and funny. sad in how it’s turned out so far and funny thinking about where he goes from here and what his real prospects are. been meaning to read gladwell’s the tipping point and thanks for the reference. it’s an interesting concept of how character is defined and certainly worth thinking about some more. i think we can probably all agree now that james’ character as displayed on the podcast is that of a dirt bag or douche bag and whether he’ll always be like that has really been such an incredibly fun speculation to engage in outside of liz’s crazed rantings. if we have been too hard core, tim, apologies all around.andrew, no. i meant creepy, like weird stalker creepy, not creepy like you were anywhere near target. in erica’s parlance to liz, i don’t think you have the first clue about my life but thanks for playing anyway.

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