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Oiseau malin tab

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  • Régis :

    bonsoir , c’est super ces partitions mais cela serait génial si il y avait la rythmique avec comme c’est mon principal soucis de trouver la rythmique d’un morceau merci de votre réponse bonne soirée musicale ,Régis

  • Mimi :

    in case you haven’t yet been made aware, many or most of the three-star minimum scoers need to be re-found for the third chapter of Surf and Turf. Several of the levels are at least slightly tweaked from the Facebook version, and it seems that Rovio has adjusted the minimums accordingly, usually downward.The altered levels seem to be: 31 (important; substitution of a few blocks in center of tower that seems to destabilize entire structure) 32 (slight; removal or substitution of a few small wooden pieces) 33 (important; stabilization of left boulder and subtle relocation of top left of right-hand pig structure) 38 (slight; removal of a few blocks from left of top) 41 (slight; addition of an ice piece in a chute and removal of an ice bar on right) 42 (important; shortening of towers around TNT, stabilization of two pigs, and substitution of a wood piece for ice) 44 (slight; repositioning of a pig and addition of a stabilizing piece) 45 (major; described in post on walkthrough)I don’t know if the mapping between the altered levels and those with adjusted scoers is actually one-to-one, but it seems like a good starting point.

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