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Blurred lines tab

Tablature guitare de la chanson « Blurred lines » de Robin Thicke.

   F      C         *P*

   1      0       e|--------------------------|
   1      1       B|--------------------------|
   2      0       G|--------------------------|
   3      2       D|--------------------------|
   0      3       A|--3-3---1-1---0-0---------|
   X      X       E|--------------------3-3---|

Intro    F

                      F                                 C
      Everybody get a,                   Everybody get a

     Hey,  Hey,  Hey

     Hey,  Hey,  Hey

     Hey,  Hey, Hey

     Tell you what
 F                          F
     If you can't  hear,      What I'm tryin' to say
 F                         F
     If you can't read,        From the same page
 C                         C
     Maybe I'm goin' deaf,    Maybe I'm goin' blind
 C                             *P*
     Maybe I'm out of my,      Mind

 F                          F
     OK, Now he was close,     Tried to domesticate you
 F                           F
     But you're an animal,      Baby it's in your nature
 C                              C
     Just let me liberate you,      You don't need no papers
 C                                    *P*
     That man is not your maker,     And that's why I'm gon' take a

   F              F
      Good girl,     I know you want it
  F                        F
      I know you want it,     I know you want it
                 C          C
      You're a good girl,       Can't let it get past me
  C                               *P*
     You're far from plastic,    Talk about getting blasted
                     F            F
     I hate these blurred lines,     I know you want it
  F                       F
     I know you want it,     I know you want it
                    C          C
     But you're a good girl,     The way you grab me
  C                            *P*
     Must wanna get nasty,     Go ahead get at me

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