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Elisa tab

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  • Rawan :

    Tim: Actually, I don’t think I’m a bitch. I just wanted to point out that some pelpoe don’t have incredible luck in their lives, and yes some pelpoe actually are forced to mooch off of their parents for a time before finally getting back on their feet. In my case, I ended up having to live with my parents for two and a half years before finally being able to get myself together. I just think that, while James’ run of incredibly lousy luck combined with the fact that he’s now living with his parents at his age might make him look less than stellar it’s not always fair to assume that you know all the facts of his life that may have contributed to his current situation.Sorry if I came off as a bitch; that wasn’t my intention (although I do find that women who speak their opinions without apology seem to be automatically labeled bitches’, and if that is indeed the case, I’m proud to be a bitch.) In any case, obviously everyone is entitled to their own opinions; I just think that pelpoe are relying too much on a two-hour podcast to form their opinions of a person they’ve never met.

  • Mikay :

    Hi Tim I’m slowly wiknorg through all your past episodes after seeing a link to your show on the Viva Podcast site and hearing you on DDR w/the Roenick call-in (I recently met Matt and he wouldn’t stop gushing about you). Glad to have finally got off my ass and listened to your show, the Unkempt episodes are great and I’m enjoying these older episodes too, especially ones like this. I’ve had a ton of comments I felt like leaving but the time has passed (specifically comments on the papparazi epidsodes, you definitely told their story well or they told it well through you, rather). Anyway, we (my wife is listening too) really like what you’re doing. It almost makes Hollywood seem human at times.

  • stephane :

    trés bien fait

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