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Speedway at Nazareth tab

Accords guitare de la chanson « Speedway at Nazareth » de Mark Knopfler.

A   Asus2

Asus2     G                              A
After two thousand came two thousand and one        
              Asus2             G            Em
To be the new champions we were there for to run
       A                            Asus2        G
From springtime in Arizona ‘til the fall in Monterey
         A                G                                     A
And the raceways were the battlefields and we fought’em all the way

        D             Dsus4   D A
Was at Phoenix in the morning I had a wake-up call
                          Asus2   G             Em
She went around without a warning put me in the wall
         A                         Asus2              G  
I drove long beach California with three cracked vertebrae
            A           G                       Asus2
And we went on to Indianapolis, Indiana in the May

D  C  G  F  G  A  Asus2  A

         Asus2                G                           A
Well the brickyard’s there to crucify anyone who will not learn
            Asus2                           G           Em
I climbed a mountain to qualify I went flat through the turns
           A                                  Asus2           G
But I was down in the might-have beens and an old pal good as died
           A      G                    A
And I sat down in gasoline alley and I cried 

Asus2  G  A  Asus2  G  Em  A  Asus2  G  A  G  A  Asus2

                       G                           A
Well we were in at the kill again on the Milwaukee Mile
       Asus2                       G              Em
And in June up in Michigan we were robbed at Bell Isle
            A                      Asus2        G   
Then it was on to Portland, Oregon for the G.I. Joe
        A                 G                          A
And I‘d blown off almost everyone when my motor let go

    D          Dsus4  D  A
New England, Ontario  we died in the dirt 
                     Asus2     G          Em
Those walls from mid Ohio to Toronto they hurt
      A                             Asus2            G
So we came to road america where we burned up at the lake
             A         G                     Asus2
But at the speedway at Nazareth I made no mistake

Asus2  D  C  G  F   E  E7

F  C  F  Dm  G  C  F  C  F  Dm  E

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