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Take the long way home tab

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  • Xadz :

    >> 蛋头,不要讲得我这么恐怖,有时我也给老公“窒”到口哑哑的,不过没有讲出来罢了,咭咭咭 >> Vien, *sign* 苦命,哈哈哈 Twinkles也是蛋糕吗?>> 血拼妈妈和精灵贤内助,喂 三级了嚄,这个张贴要用密码了。哈哈哈一看就知道精灵贤内助的老公没有吃“自助餐”,那里有用完全十个排名的。>> Pooisun, em they start fighting when they were about 1 1/2, but they do share a lot too. it is fun to see a pair of twins grow up thgteoer, entertaining guarantee, just like Bollywood movie package, you get all the laughter, cries, hate, joke, and serious acting in just one movie.

  • Ramesh :

    After I read this I asked my husband what # am I in his life. He reeplid both the kid and I are #1. Aiyo..does that mean I can’t get away from being his personal maid ? LOL!Hey, Gardenia copied the Twiggies from Twinkles (very popular junk snack here)

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