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How to save a life tab

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8 commentaires »

  • Louiziz :

    Comment fait-on l’accord D/F# s’il vous plaît ?

  • admin (author) :

    D/F# : 2 0 0 2 3 2

  • yoam :

    Le « / » signifie deux accords enchaînés ou deux accords au choix ?

  • MoucheTimbree :

    Perso, je comprend comme ça : Les deux accord se font pareil !

    Mais je trouve ça étrange…

  • Joan :

    Le « / » signifie que c’est un seul accord =) Comme l’admin l’a expliqué, il s’agit d’un D/F# , c’est à dire d’un D (xx0232) avec la basse d’un F# (244322) d’ou le 200232

  • Matthieu :

    J’ai un probléme vu que je la fait sans capodastre donc j’augmente les note genre du « G » je passe au « B » mais pour le troisiéme accord (le « Em ») Quelle la note s’il vous plaît ?

    Merci d’avance .

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  • Sel :

    Yes, I do know you to be someone who eoynjs plumbing the depths with people, Carl! It’s something I enjoy about the way God shows up through you for others. It’s interesting what you shared about the different hats of listener, pastor, and/or spiritual director. In my spiritual direction training, we often have conversations about the difference between psychotherapy, pastoral counseling, and spiritual direction. You’re right one thing that comes up a lot is that people going for pastoral counseling are often expecting (or at least receiving, if not expecting) a biblical response to their situation, almost like, What would God have me do? That question is asked in spiritual direction, too, but the response is so difference. In that place, there is not the emphasis on finding the answer in the Bible or seeking guidance from another, but listening together to the Holy Spirit, asking God how he is moving, and having a conversation with God about our response to that movement. I like, too, your distinction between listening and empathy. Someone was just sharing with me how confusing it can be to tell someone I understand then it becomes a question of whether I really understood them, or whether I understood them through my own filter, or whether I was just trying hard to have them know I understood. Why does that matter? I think most of the time people don’t care so much that we share a kindred knowing of their experience because it relates to our own but simply that we heard them share what they needed to share and could feel with them what that was like for them.

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