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Under the westway tab

Accords guitare de la chanson « Under the westway » de Blur.

C Em Am Em
F Em Dm F
Dm Am G F

C                     Em               Am       Em
There were blue skies in my city today
F                      Em                Dm                   F
Ev'ry thing was sinking, said snow would come on Sunday
       Dm                  Am              G        F
The old school was due and the traffic grew
Up on the Westway

             C                      Em                    Am         Em
Where I stood watching comets on their lonesome trails
F                Em           Dm               F
Shining up above me the jet fuel it fell
Dm        Am                    G                        F
Down to Earth where the money always comes first
And the sirens sing

C Em Am Em
F Em Dm F
Dm Am G F

C                 Em                    Am             Em
Bring us the day they switch off the machines
F                           Em                     Dm           F
'Cos men in yellow jackets, putting adverts inside my dreams
     Dm            Am                G                  F
An automated song and the whole world gone
Fallen under the spell of the

Verse Four:

C            Em                            Am            Em
Distance between us when we communicate
F                      Em             Dm                          F
Still picking up shortwave, somewhere they're out in space
   Dm                          Am                   G          F
It depends how you're wired when the night's on fire
Under the Westway

             C                   Em         Am       Em
Now it's magic arrows hitting the bull
F           Em       Dm                   F
Doing 180 still standing at last call
               Dm                 Am                 G          F
When the flag's coming down, and the Last Post sounds
Just like a love song

C                   Em     Am           Em
For the way I feel about you
F                  Em        Dm        F
Paradise not lost, it's in you
        Dm            Em       G       F
On a permanent basis I apologise
But I am going to sing

C    Em   Am               Em
F               Em                    Dm       F
Sing it out loud and sing it to you
               Dm     Am         G             F
Am I lost out at sea, 'til a tide wash me
Up off the Westway.

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